Version 1.2

  • Made Firefox 4 compatibility changes:
    • Replaced the status bar icon with a toolbar button.
    • Resized interface icons with new according to new icon sizes. * Replaced some interface icons with new ones.
  • Added a menu item that gives access to the changelog file.
  • Shortened the JavaScript code, while maintaining the same functionality.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed "Result Preview" and "Search Results" tabs open, when a site was set to one of these two preview modes, but was deactivated. Before the fix empty "Result Preview" and "Search Results" tabs could be opened.
  • Moved the "Search Page" online at
  • Added more websites to "Google Custom Search Engine":
  • Added the ability to filter results by site when using the "Google Custom Search Engine".

Known Issues:

  • Results don't appear for Plurk in "Results Preview".
  • It isn't possible to browse to next result pages in "Results Preview" for Hi5.
  • It isn't possible to browse to more results in "Results Preview" for Facebook.
  • Add-on bar icon doesn't update its status without a browser restart.