"People Search" improvement

A couple days ago I added Twitter to "People Search" page. That was the first step of the many that will follow in the update process.

The goal is to include every site that can be searched via the add-on's chrome interface (e.g. iframe results presentation) to "People Search" search engine and vice versa. So at the end of that process all sites must be included in both add-on's results presentation system and "People Search" page, with maybe the exception of some sites that as I have already explained in "SFF's user interface" article is difficult to be included in the add-on's main interface. I'm thinking of some ways to overcome these difficulties, but they might not work for all sites, so there may be some sites that will be available only through "People Search" page even after the update. As the custom search engine can be updated independently, changes have already started, but changes that mentioned above regarding the add-on itself will be presented when a new major version of the add-on will be released.

Beside the addition of new sites to "People Search", I'm updating search engine's URL patterns in order to optimize the effectiveness of the searches. Because I haven't found any documentation for the URLs structure of the sites that I'm including in the search engine I have to observe these patterns myself and that takes some effort and time and that's why I'm not adding all sites at once. Anyway, this refinement will always be going on and the aim is more accurate and complete results!